Reviews MultiSlim

  • Angela
    With increasing age, weight gained a lot. It was torture appeared in print, and all of the associated diseases. To go, no energy for a long walk. Doctors recommend to lose weight. I can not sit on diets. I decided to try MultiSlim. After 2 weeks, the pounds began to drop. Increases vitality. Continue to drink, because to me the means to help.
  • Giovanni
    I'm a Fan of pohudatelnyh means. You can try all the new products, since, by nature, lazy and love to eat. So Syrup multislim I liked more than all the others. Taste pleasant, pobochek not and weight loss of about 7 kg (without dieting)
  • Giuseppe
    I'm sure that negative reviews j MultiSlim don't assume that the people followed the instructions of the application or just a fake bought. I take the syrup MultiSlim for the last 2 weeks. During this time I managed to get rid of 8 kilos! Think of it as a success, as it went earlier, the months of stress and diets increased.
  • Carmela
    Since my childhood struggles with obesity — diet, exercise temporarily weight back helped, then again. For comparison: in 25 years, size 167 cm I weighed 74 kg, more tormented Boca. Syrup multislim has helped me for the month of 9 kilograms of reset. It is a great result, disappeared from Boca, dropped around belly and hips. As long as the weight is not back!
  • Carmela
    2 weeks with syrup MultiSlim I already have 7 kg! Do not stop to look forward, continue, and the dance went. Cool, that's not snacking on sweets, wants pies — enough Breakfast, lunch, dinner!
Reviews MultiSlim